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Week One, Day One

I have been paying LiveJournal for a paid account for years and its high time I start to use the thing. So, I'm going to chronicle my latest dip into the weight loss pool here. Today is day one and I managed to accomplish some good eating, some exercise and some water intake. And speaking of water, I've been sitting here for the past several minutes cursing the big glass of water I know I should be imbibing, but the taste of water is just appalling to me today for some reason. I would rather have a diet Pepsi in my fist, but I need to get serious about reducing the shit I put into my body. I've decided the most I can have is one can of pop a day and even less than that once I get back into the swing of drinking 6-8 8oz glasses of water every day. I also want to get off caffeine entirely and my hope is to be able to give the dreaded coffee crux up in time to be headache-less for Lent. Also to go are fast food restaurants again this year. I do really good with that :)

The goal of each of my entries will be to:

1. Document what I ate
2. Document what exercise I did for the day
3. Weigh in every week
4. Measure every month

My first weight loss goal is to loose 10% of my current weight in 16 weeks. It would mean I need to loose roughly 2 pounds a week, something I know from previous experience I am more than capable of.

Today I did this:

Breakfast: Coco Pebbles (yeah, but I gotta finish them), with Skim Milk, coffee with creamer and 1 sugar
Snack: Banana
Lunch: PB&J on Whole Wheat Bread, Strawberries, Cherrie Tomatoes, Strawberries and an Activia yogurt
Snack: Dill pickle, cup of coffee w/creamer and sugar
Dinner: 1 Weight Watcher Cheesy Enchilada (home made)
Dessert: WW Ice Cream Bar

Things can only get better, I don't have money to go shopping so some things aren't the best right now.

For exercise, seeing as how I am totally overweight and out of shape, I started small. 1 mile with Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds. When I lost 50lbs a few years back that's where I started, so why not start again, right?

So, see you tomorrow for day two!
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14. I Am Number 4

Its been a while since a book made me cry. I really liked this one. he style was fresh, the characters were interesting and the idea behind the story was really cool. I can't wait for the next book out in August. I want to know what happens next :)
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13. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

I really liked this one. It was a short, on the lighter side read that I finished in a day and a half. Ptolemy is a 91 year old man who is suffering from dementia. When his caretaker suddenly dies, he meets young Robyn, a charge of his great grand niece's. They have an instant connection and are inseparable. When a mysterious doctor offers a chance at reversing his dementia at the cost of loosing the last years of his life, Ptolemy embarks a soul searching adventure that I couldn't put down. This is a great book and I highly recommend it :)
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10. The Lace Makers of Glenmara
11. The Glass Castle
12. The Lady Elizabeth

On a big reading kick :) I needed it because while I am soooo not going to be able to make it to 50 books this year, I still want to put up a good effort!
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9. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

I was NOT expecting what this book turned out to be. Kudos to Hollywood for taking a rather short text and turning it into a big budget blockbuster.

It was really... short. I turned the last page and began reading the first short story, hoping it was the book continuing. Alas, no. Interesting premis but poorly executed and so many oportunities missed to make a really great story! I guess the muses take us only so far sometimes but I wanted more... an more sound scientific theory. Did he go to bed with a high school science book under his pillow and then start writing the next day? It was an interseting idea and I wish there was more to it, but as it stands not one of my favorites.
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I'm so sporadic in my reading :) I put down the 2 other books I was reading and picked up I Am Legend. Its good so far and I should be done with it this weekend. I've been house/dog sitting the past few days so I haven't had time to look at, let alone pick up, a book in ages. I did however get through a few chapters yesterday as I sat at the DMV for 2 hours. I guess some good came out of it though, I have a new license with an absurd new picture where I look like a stuffed pig. How cool am I?
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Quick Update

I finished a bunch of books and just lost my Grandma so I haven't had the time or stomach to update. Here's what I've read so far, gotta pick up the pace if I expect to make 50 books this year :)

3. Sense and Sensability by Austin
4. The Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon
5. Smoke and Mirrors, Short Fiction by Neil Gaiman

I'm currently reading:
The Firey Cross by Gabaldon and
Here be Dragons by Penman
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Book 2

I think I can safely say that the tailbone is starting to heal though being back at work set me back a little. I just couldn't get comfortable and all I really wanted to do was show up in pj pants and sweatshirts all week. Alas, no.

Back to the books!

2. Wuthering Heights: what a book! I don't think I've ever had so many emotions with one character as I did with Bronte's Heathcliff. At first I pitied the poor little thing thrown in with a family where no one ever really loved him. Then I was annoyed with him for letting Catherine play games with him like she did, then I was mad that he had the nerve to show back up and begin taking everything away from those who where cruel to him growing up and then I just plain hated him for everything he did for the remainder of the story. Bravo Ms. Bronte, you have created a masterpiece at least in my eyes. All the characters were well fleshed out but everyone was so....RUDE I guess is a good word for it. The children ran wild and grew into wild adults. I don't think anyone was really "good" except maybe for Catherine's husband. He didn't deserve his fate. If you haven't read this book, do. It was a great read and has established itself on my favorite books list. I'll read this one again someday, and again and again and again perhaps :)

Now it’s on to book 3, Sense and Sensibility. I'm on a classics kick right now, can you tell. And someday I gotta finish Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon.

Happy Reading